HUFF Magazines

February - April 2007 Volume 10 Issue 1
Colour in Acrobat Format.

My 2006 Murray Marathon Rick Willoughby
A Bit of Pedal Powered Promotion Alan Ball
From Pete the Prez Peter Heal
A DIY Rear Deailleur Cable Rerouter Rob Wartenhorst
Notice of Special General Meeting of OzHPV
Major Sponsor for Glenn Druery in Race Across America

May-November 2007 Volume 10 Issue 2
Colour in Acrobat Format.

Family on Tow - Kent Jefferies
Every kind of Bike Imaginable - George Durbridge
Beechworth - ho! Peter Heal

December 2007 Volume 10 Issue 3
Colour in Acrobat Format.


Beechworth AGM

Human Powered Vehicle Events -John Perrin

Pete Goes to France - Peter Heal

Presidents Report - Peter Heal

The 2008 Challenge

Big at the Front - Steve Nurse

OzHPV Coming Events

From Beijing to Paris on Bicycles built for Two - Dr Olly Powell