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Other Publications

Manpower Vol.1 1982

HPV Times Vols.1-4

Laid·Back Magazine 1&2

HUFF Magazines

Jan/Feb 2001 - Volume 4, Issue 01 (PDF - 596kB, click on image)

       Letter from the Editor
       Greenspeed OzHPV 2000 Challenge
       Results for the Challenge
       Dr Weaver's Eyewitness Report
       OzHPV Business
       Round the bay in a day (RBD) the bent way
       Disc Brake Hubs
       Coming Events


Mar/Apr 2001 - Volume 4, Issue 02 (PDF - 289kB, click on image)

       From the Editor
       Australian Speed Attempt
       Taking the Nullarbor Lying Down - Part 1
       For Sale
       HPV CD 2001
       Video Editing
       What's Happening


May/Jun 2001 - Volume 4, Issue 03 (PDF - 604kB, click on image)

       From the Editor
       For Sale
       Taking the Nullarbor Lying Down - Part 2
       Greenspeed Tandem Trike & pedal Trailer Trike
       A Little Bubble for Two
       Industry News
       OzHPV Membership Report
       Recumbent Pedal Powered Road Train
                                          What's Happening


Jul/Aug 2001 - Volume 4, Issue 04 (PDF - 449kB, click on image)

       From the Editor
       6 Hour Event?
       Logo Recumbent Trike
       Human Powered Vehicle World Championships
       Dart Handcycle
       Bits & Pieces
       A Safety Sail for producing thrust
       Lean Mean and Hungry Trike plans
       Commuting the Trike way
                                          Three Wheels, Two Continents, One People
                                          Coming Events


Sep/Oct 2001 - Volume 4, Issue 05 (PDF - 535kB, click on image)

       From the Editor
       Greenspeed OzHPV Challenge 2001
       The Swiftlet Performance trike
       Swift now selling in Canada
       Reflex Trike
       New Greenspeed Trikes
       Lean Mean and Hungry trike plans part 2
       Covering your Butt
       Bits and Pieces
                                          Velovision Magazine
                                          World Human Powered Speed Challenge<
                                          Coming Events


Nov/Dec 2001 - Volume 4, Issue 06 (PDF - 391kB, click on image)

       From the Editor
       Fiddling with Foam Fairing Construction
       Bents at Bicycling Australia 2001
       Using Indexed outers for Brake Cables - Dont do it!!
       2002 World Championships
       Challenge Update
       Greenspeed changes on axles
                                          Windcheetah News
                                          Laser Cutting for Bikemakers
                                          Transporting a Trike on a rack
                                          HOLY Shaving cream, Whittingham goes 80 mph!!
                                          OzHPV T Shirt Competition
                                          Bits and Pieces
                                          Latest Tri-Sled Fairing
                                          Coming Events