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Other Publications

Manpower Vol.1 1982

HPV Times Vols.1-4

Laid·Back Magazine 1&2

HUFF Magazines

Jan/Feb 2004 - Volume 07, Issue 01 (PDF - colour 231kB, click on image)

       From the Editor
       Our first Recumbent Tour
       Maryborough HPV Enthusiasts Inc Social Ride
       1994 Greenspeed OzHPV Challenge
       Wallaby Vs Lowracer
       1940 Aero Load Carrier
       Industry News
       Synchro-pull braking mechanism
       OzHPV CD
                                          VicHPV Ride on December 5th 2003


Mar/Apr 2004 - Volume 07, Issue 02 (PDF - colour 262kB, click on image)

       From the Editor
       The Canberra OzHPV Mob
       Building Wheels
       High Hills on a Low Trike The Audax Alpine Classic
       What's on in....
       2004 Greenspeed OzHPV Challenge, Broadford Vic
       HPV Championships around the world for 2004
       Industry News
       For Sale


May/Jun 2004 - Volume 07, Issue 03 (PDF - colour 539kB, click on image)

       From the Editor
       Announcing the World Recumbent Racing Association
       The Greenspeed OzHPV Challenge 2004
       Effect of the Posture and Rolling Resistance on the Required Effort to Ride a Recumbent
       Challenge Results
       For Sale




Jul/Aug 2004 - Volume 07, Issue 04 (PDF - colour 370kB, click on image)

       Corflute versus Carbon-fibre
       Spezi bike show & Cycling in Germany
       "Vichpv" email group
       Spezi CD
       New World Hour Record approved
       Canberra Mob - Come and Try day
       Recumbent Cycle Tour
       Recumbent touring in Turkey
       For Sale
                                          OzHPV Canberra Rally


Sep/Oct 2004 - Volume 07, Issue 05 (PDF - colour 651kB, click on image)

       From the Editor
       Get up your fellow HPV'ers nose - put a motor on your HPV
       Canberra Mob - Come and Try
       Synchro-pull braking mechanism
       Cadence on a cheap bike computer
       Canberra OzHPV Rally
       IHPVA Human Power Archive
       A 3 Watt LED Bike Light
                                          Corflute Vs Carbon-fibre revisited
                                          Info...particularly if you are planning a long trip!


Nov/Dec 2004 - Volume 07, Issue 06 (PDF - colour 391kB, click on image)

       From the Editor
       Status report on distribution of Human Power CDs
       Powering HPVs – Getting up the nose of the man
       Bicycling Science - book review
       How to build a pipe bending machine - book review
       VicHPV - the Victorian Branch of OzHPV
       Ride for the Planet
       New Recumbent Dealer - Fuse Recumbents
                                          Laid back magazine & HPV history
                                          Canberra HPV Rally
                                          Novel front derailleur position
                                          Pedalwiki - New IHPVA Board web site
                                          Notice of AGM for 2004
                                          A Compact Tourer
                                          Bereavement - Gardner Martin
                                          Membership Renewal